The Rise of the Chief Digital Officer

A convergence is happening in the business world, where digital strategy is fast becoming corporate strategy.

As the two become so infused, does it make sense to have a separate leader and team driving digital transformation?

How can organizations truly integrate digital into all aspects of their thinking – and ultimately, the business?

According to Deloitte, organizations should consider adding a new seat to the executive table: the Chief Digital Officer, or CDO.

Peter Hughes, National Leader for Delivery and Operations at Deloitte Digital Canada, believes a CDO thinks holistically about how a company’s strategy is executed across all digital channels, tasked with driving that digital strategy throughout the entire organization in close collaboration with other C-suite roles, like the CMO, CIO and CEO.

To learn more about the rise of the CDO, download the recent Deloitte Digital report authored by Hughes entitled The rise of the Chief Digital Officer.