The Samsung Galaxy SIII is Coming to Canada Next Month

Samsung has unveiled the specs and details for the Galaxy S III, its much-anticipated smartphone. “Inspired by nature,” the 4G-compatible S III has a 4.8-inch HD Super Amoled display, an 8MP camera, a quad-core processor, and runs on Google’s Android 4.0 platform. Samsung says the device is “packed with intuitive technology” and delivers a “uniquely personalized mobile experience that refuses to be compromised.”   

“With the S III, Samsung has maximized the consumer benefits by integrating superior hardware with enhanced smartphone usability,” said JK Shin, President and Head of IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung. “Designed to be both effortlessly smart and intuitively simple, the S III has been created with our human needs and capabilities in mind. What makes me most proud is that it enables one of the most seamless, natural and human-centric mobile experiences, opening up a new horizon that allows you to live a life extraordinary.”   

The smartphone detects your face, voice, and motions, among the new technology features included in the next-gen model. It also provides an “ergonomic and comfortable experience through its human-centric design,” the company claims, with a “comfortable grip, gentle curves, and organic form.”

The Samsung Galaxy S III will be available from the end of May in Europe before rolling out to Canada in late June.

While early reviews say the device is slick and powerful, Samsung is taking some flack for what is arguably the worst tagline ever associated with a mobile device: “Designed for humans.” Erm… Samsung, which smartphone isn’t? (UPDATE: This ad copy for the Samsung Galaxy Tab is also pretty terrible.) See the rather creepy video below. (UPDATE: For some reason Samsung appears to have made the video private.)

Oh, and for those still convinced that Apple copies Android (even though iOS undeniably existed and launched first), have a peek at the similarities between Samsung’s features announced today:

• S Voice (Siri)

• S Cloud (iCloud)

• Scan and Match (iTunes Match)

• S Pebble (iPod Shuffle)

• Display sharing (AirPlay)

• Eerily similar retail stores 

No wonder Apple continues to sue Samsung.