The SEO Quick Fix eBook

Fellow Techvibes writer Aidan Henry recently completed the first edition of his SEO Quick Fix eBook. The 26-page eBook promises to maximize your SEO efforts in a matter of days with minimal changes. Henry contests that following the recommendations outlined in the easy-to-read eBook should dramatically increase your Google rankings almost immediately.

In order to help the local tech community achieve superior search engine results, Aidan is offering a free download of his eBook for Techvibes readers for the next two weeks. Regularly, the eBook sells for $25. He simply asks that anyone who finds value in the content to provide a link or post to help create awareness and exposure.

Currently, Henry operates as an independent SEO consultant in Victoria, BC. Recently he launched SEO Remedy, a portal designed to provide free, high-quality SEO articles and tips to visitors. In the near future, he plans to start up a Victoria Internet marketing speaker series.