The Silicon Bridge in Kelowna

This Thursday, November 27th, the Okanagan Science & Technology Council presents The Silicon Bridge at the Landmark Conference Centre in Kelowna. At this interactive seminar, Steve Wandler will discuss the challenges of building a high tech start-up in Canada while going after the USA consumer market. He will reveal some of the successes made growing the business and getting it to market and candidly talk about the mistakes they made and how to overcome those.

In 2000, Steve Wandler Founded out of the master bedroom of his rental house in Kelowna, British Columbia. The company was an innovative online tech support business that used remote access to assist end consumers in diagnosing and fixing a wide variety of PC problems.

Over the years, picked up a plethora of awards including BDC’s Technology Business of the Year, PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice award, and PC Magazine’s Small/Medium Business of the Year in North America.

In May 2008, Wandler sold to California-based SupportSoft (NASDAQ: SPRT), where he now resides and works in a Senior Leadership position for the consumer brand of SupportSoft –

Wandler currently sits on high tech company advisory boards and enjoys sharing his technical and entrepreneurial expertise with other young businesses – especially those trying to build their connections with larger, more established companies in the high tech sector in the Silicon Valley. As a result of his experience, Wandler has teamed up with OSTEC to begin building bridges between high tech companies in the Silicon Vineyard and the Silicon Valley.

If you’re interested in attending, be sure to register online.