LoginRadius’ 3.2 Billion Views Gives Insight Into the Status of Social in 2014

Social login and sharing continue to expand their reach and are becoming more popular everyday.

Edmonton’s LoginRadius powers over 120,000 websites’ social and are using that reach to analyze the social login and sharing trends worldwide.

Last week LoginRadius released their Social Login and Social Sharing Statistical analysis showing 2014’s network preferences and demographics.

LoginRadius’ social stats provide an picture of how social login and sharing tools were used in 2014 and by whom. With 3.2 billion views directed at LoginRadius’ social sharing widgets last year alone, they have a wide audience reach to provide accurate statistics.

LoginRadius’ social login platform not only seen growth, but also a broader appeal. Some of the major trends seen are:

  • 50% of social logins occurred from both the male and female gender
  • The over 50 age group has grown to hold 17% of all social logins
  • Mobile usage has seen a significant increase and now hosts almost 30% of all logins

“Optimization is key in any business effort and these stats can not only show if your target audience has a high chance of using a social login option, but also presents the social networks where you probably will see the most success.” says Deepak Gupta, the company’s CTO and co-founder.

The CEO and co-founder of LoginRadius, Rakesh Soni believes that “We as a company have seen mass growth in 2014 and our stats will only get better because of that. With 120,000 websites using our service, we know that we can provide accurate numbers for companies to better understand social login and sharing usage.”

If you are interested in reading the full report, you can download it here.