The Takeaways from the 3rd Annual Social Media Marketing Conference

Last week OpenDialogue held its 3rd annual Social Media Marketing Conference.  Some of the best minds in marketing and advertising shared their knowledge about social media and how marketers can use it to connect with their audience. Here are just a few highlights from some of the speakers:

Colin Douma the VP of Social media at Proximity BBDO came in and prognosticated about the state of social media in the next 5 years. He expects the movement to data driven insights to continue as measurement continues to improve.

Colin said that consultants and people in this space need to have the permission to fail. This is necessary to see what works and gain a better understanding that can only be done through experimentation. To Colin trust is reliability plus delight and that trust is what needs to be developed between any brand and those who they interact with and want to develop relationships with.

David Jones the VP, Digital Communications at Hill & Knowlton Canada said that there was no such thing as a social media strategy. That you can’t isolate it and it must intersect with everything else that you do. In the simplest terms t is about collaboration, the components o strategy and putting your team together. Collaboration is an under-developed sweet spot in the mix.

Geoffrey Roche the founder of Poolhouse came to speak about the lessons learned in creating Dogbook a facebook application that brought social networking to your dogs, cats and other pets. His advice was to build something personal, that will matter to your customers because if it doesn’t it will go nowhere fast.

For building apps you should build something that can stand alone and not have to lean on something else to succeed. Those are lessons that many who have jumped onto the app bandwagon could probably use now more than ever.

The next person would be Louise Clements the Head of Canadian Advertising of Faceook. Her two fundamental truths are that social marketing isn’t new and that the social internet has become enormously useful. She goes on to say something every marketer has heard again and again that the internet will be defined by authenticity.

If that is the case then marketing will be defined by relationships with social media providing new ways to develop those relationships with people. She says we are entering the marketing age where you are no longer a screen name but a person and the opportunity for business in this era is to build relationships that are good for consumers and brands that are meaningful.

This conference had people from all over the marketing landscape learn why they need to get on board or risk getting left behind while their audience moves further ahead in the digital age.