The Tech Billionaires That Gained and Lost the Most Money in 2012

The arena of billionaires can be a harsh one.

Sure, on hand you have multiple billions of dollars, which is thousands of times more than the average human will earn over an entire lifetime of working. But on the other hand, your net worth fluctuates like crazy—sometimes by hundreds of millions of dollars per day.

Forbes has released its annual list of America’s wealthiest men (well, men and women, but sadly few women crack the list). We look at the behemoths in tech that gained and lost the most in the past year.


• Oracle CEO Larry Ellison’s net worth increased by a whopping $8 billion after his company stock climbed 20% in a year. No wonder he thinks he’s God.

• Microsoft founder Bill Gates gained $7 billion. Now worth a cool $66,000,000,000 at age 52, Bill makes Warren Buffet look like a noob with only $46 billion at age 82.

• The relatively youthful Jeff Bezos (age 48) lined his pockets with an extra $4.1 billion this year. He’s the founder of Amazon, which registered nearly $50 billion in sales last year.


• The CEO of Facebook, the ridiculously young Mark Zuckerberg, watched his net worth plunge by over $8 billion thanks to his company’s stock dropping by half since its IPO in May. That’s the equivalent of 200 million of his famous hoodies.

• Farmville creator Mark Pincus lost a comparably small $1.2 billion this year. But it was enough to knock the poor soul right off the Forbes 400 list. The drop is due to a freefalling Zynga stock. He probably won’t make it back on the list—but we hear his Farmville farm is producing excellent crops this year.