The Techcrunch Effect?

Techcrunch Co-Editor Erick Schonfeld is in Canada this week at the Mesh Conference in Toronto but his presence is being felt on the West Coast as well.

While taking in StumbleUpon Founder Garrett Camp’s presentation, Schonfeld befriended his audience neighbours and made their day by blogging about their live-blogging platform called ScribbleLive (no relation to Vancouver-based ScribbleWiki).

Unfortunately in his next post, Schonfeld threw Vancouver’s Sxip Identity in the Deadpool and quoted our blog post last week as his source. Some Techcrunch readers feel that Schonfeld’s tone was a little too nasty and that it was a personal attack on Sxip Founder Dick Hardt. The comment string continues to grow this afternoon and Hardt has entered the fray. Definitely worth a read.