The Techvibes Blog: 2007 in review

What do we know about Techvibes Blog readers in 2007?

  • You spend an average of 2 minutes and 38 seconds on the blog during each visit.
  • You like Firefox to a degree that far exceeds the general Internet population. According to Google Analytics, 49.2% of our visits in 2007 were made through Firefox, while 38.4% were made through Internet Explorer.
  • The top search term that brought visitors to our blog was Indochino. The most prolific referring sites (other than our own)were Ubertor’s Blog, StumbleUpon, and Google.

Our top blog posts based on traffic for 2007:

  1. Toronto Start-up Index December 2007 (beta)
  2. Biggest Web Development Companies in BC
  3. Vancouver Start-up Index December 2007 (beta)
  4. Suit Yourself with Indochino
  5. Vancouver Start-up Index December 2007
  6. Toronto Start-up Index December 2007
  7. Sitemasher Struts their stuff at Launch Party
  8. Best Companies to Work for in BC
  9. Bodog Down but Not Out
  10. Launch Party Vancouver

Based on the popularity of lists (Biggest, Best, etc.) and our start-up indexes in particular, we’ll keep delivering them. We’ll update the existing Start-up indexes on a monthly basis and add new cities over time. Look for a Alberta Start-up Index to launch later this month.