The Top 10 Reasons to Attend Interzone Next Month

“We’re really quite nice and friendly. But, everyone has a beastly side to them, don’t they?” – Sid Vicious

And, with that – here are the top ten, really quite beastly reasons to attend Interzone this year.

It’s just around the corner after all and if you don’t register soon, you will forever regret it.

1. WTF SPEAKER LINE UP.  Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP; Maninder Dhailwal, CEO of Lion’s Gate; Bruce Croxon, Founder of Lavalife; Laura Weidman Powers, CEO of Code 2040; Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite; Jessie Adcock, Chief Digital Officer at the City of Vancouver.

Two days. 40 astonishing speakers.  This is inarguably the best line-up of tech speakers ever staged in Canada.

2. WTF TECH BUDGETS. No mid-level growth managers here.  Every single speaker is a C-Level Executive.  Oh, and many of the attendees are also C Level executives with massive technology budgets.  We are talking about folks like the CTO’s of Twitter, GoDaddy, Government of BC, Vancouver School Board and PayPal.  People that can make your annual sales targets in a single purchasing decision. 

3. NO BULLSHIT. No time for bullshit? Enjoy thought provoking, explosive, deliberately provocative discussion about the future of Internet?  Well then, you should stop reading this article and buy a ticket to Interzone. Not the words of Politik’s CEO. The words of Joshua McKenty, founder of Piston, OpenStack and CTO of Pivotal. Joshua will be at the conference for the third year in a row.  You’ve been warned. 

4. NO MVP. You could spend $500 to be hit over the head with pretentious and meaningless start-up acronyms at any one of Canada’s seemingly endless “me too” start-up conferences.  But, really, why would you want to?  Interzone is the only event in Canada that puts punk rock activists from enterprise technology and start-ups in the same room and lets them fight to the death.

5. NO POWERPOINT. We mean it, man. 15 Minute CEO keynotes.  No slides. No bullshit. No sales presentations.

We’ve hooked Tony Clement, the President of The Treasury Board of Canada, off the stage for speaking for 15 minutes and three seconds.

6. NO MEN. Well, almost.  Interzone is the only technology conference in Canada with a gender balanced speaker line-up.  Incredibly awesome women in tech like: Jennifer Billock, Founder of Couchsurfing; Chelsea Rustrum, Author of “It’s a Shareable Life”; Jackie Yeaney, EVP Strategy and Marketing at Red Hat; Pamela Snively, Chief Data and Trust Officer at Telus and Jessica Billingsley, CEO of MJ Freeway. 

Somebody had to stop the sausage fest. 

7. OUR CEO ISN’T SPEAKING THIS YEAR. Last year, Robert Brennan Hart’s F-bomb laden commentary on “the death of the CIO” cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars in sponsorship dollars.  Or was that our never to be forgotten launch video?  Hmm.  Either way, we are, um, keeping it clean this year.  We promise.  :).

8. THE HOSTESSES WITH THE MOSTEST. We have no idea how we made this happen, but we managed to wrangle up the truly extraordinary talents of Meredith Powell, CEO of The Next Big Thing AND Joanne Fedeyko, CEO of The C100 as your Mistress of Ceremonies of the event. 

9. OUR AFTER PARTY IS CALLED BLUE MONDAY. And, our opening keynote is called “Art Decade”.  This is what happens when a few art school dropouts think they can orchestrate a technology event. 

Corporate and practical? No. Andy Warhol ape shit? Yes. 

10. WE PREDICT A RIOT. Do a Google search. We almost have.

Interzone, a Politik production, is happening on April 11 and 12 at the Sheraton Wall Center. And it’s darn near sold out. 

Register now for only $395 using discount code TECHVIBES395. That’s $100 off the price of admission.