The Top Performing Perform Articles of the Last Year

Presenting: the top-performing Techvibes Perform articles of the last year.

1. The Main Thing That Defines Whether a New Company is a Startup or a Small Business

“A wave of organizations dedicated to fostering new companies caused the words “incubator” and “accelerator” to quickly become interchangeable; this is fundamentally incorrect, however.”

2. No, They’re Not the Same: The Difference Between Incubators and Accelerators Explained

“Business incubators have been around for decades—they’re the original. Accelerators, the new kids on the block, started popping around the turn of the millenium.”

3. One-third of Canadian Parents Don’t Understand What Their Children Do at Work These Days

“Many Canadian parents don’t actually understand what their children do for work day-to-day.”

4. 60% of Canadian Workers Take Business Calls in the Bathroom, Survey Finds

“On a business call? If you’re not in the bathroom, odds are the person on the other end of the line probably is.”

5. Six Ways Your Office Job is Killing You

“The sense of security we have in our safe and sanitized office jobs is misplaced.”

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