The Transparency Trend: Startups Baring It All to Attract Talent

There’s no denying the fact that startups are competing to recruit top talent. To stand out companies are offering bigger and better perks, more flexibility, and getting creative with their office space.

The newest trend in recruiting? Transparency.

Rand Fishkin of Moz was one of the first tech CEO’s posting his challenges and lessons learned while building his company on his personal blog.

The past few months have brought an upswing of new companies launching their own version of what goes on behind the scenes. Buffer launched their open blog a couple of months ago and have gotten a lot of attention recently by publicly posting their salaries. posted their revenue from 2013 and projected targets for 2014.

Just last week Unbounce, a Vancouver-based startup followed this trend and launched Inside Unbounce, a staff-written, uncurated blog about the lessons learned as they double the size of their company this year. Unbounce CEO Rick Perreault plans to post his investor updates and other (formerly internal) metrics.

“It’s important that we’re holding ourselves accountable and that our team feels empowered to share what they’re doing. We’ve hired a lot of smart people and want to attract that same caliber of talent,” Perreault told Techvibes.

Company culture is a vital part of how candidates choose the company they want to be a part of and having a culture that encourages sharing, transparency, and accountability sets them apart.

Startups are known to exaggerate their success but with these companies sharing raw numbers, metrics, and being honest about failures and lessons learned, it looks like a new standard of authenticity is being set.

Unbounce is currently hiring on the Techvibes Job Board.