The tweet is mightier than the sword: thinking like a General and tweeting like a King

This article was written by  Alex Umole and originally published on Smedio.

Ingenious progress, whether in fiction or in fact, emanates from the plausible flame of the mind ignited by audacity. To put it succinctly, there’s more to the Twitter platform than scribbling a few words in 140 characters or less. Recently we have seen governments toppled, while companies drill out profits and their brand equities witness insignificant increase fueled by a tweet. I am tempted to adapt the age-long metonymic adage coined by English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839 to today’s reality, “The tweet is mightier than the sword”.

Is the tweet really mightier than the sword? True or false, ask former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and his descendants in Libya and Syria. Well, forget the intensity of a political revolution, and let’s look at our day-to-day existence. Ponder for a minute and consider the power of utilizing a networking tool, available at a click and with 140 characters or less you can reach the far ends of the globe and back within seconds. Consider what such a tool can really do for your idea, business or product and consider the elevated platform it can indeed give to your voice.

Information is king. This is particularly true in the social media age and Twitter is a major force to be reckoned with currently in the social media universe; this fact doesn’t seem to be slowing down yet. So if you are one of the millions and Tweople that have signed up for twitter, kudos! But the work is not over. You must consequently and effectively begin to utilize the power of twitter with audacity.

As a point of note, a Tweterrer that Tweets with audacity is not necessarily claded in Twooshing, Tweetaholism or Dweeting. Thus a tweet must not only make sense but also meaning or rather Twense and Tweaning.

Thus, I believe, that every Twitizen of the Twitter Tribe should harness the tweet energy in six possible expressions;

1. Enact
2. Encapsulate
3. Enchant
4. Engage
5. Enlist
6. Empower

As you know, Twitter on its own will not perform miracles; it needs a human touch backed by the audacity of purpose. That’s why I believe that every man should make it a point of duty to think like a General and tweet like a King, and unleash the audacity of a tweet.