The Ultimate Guide to Social Networking Online

Over the past week, Techvibes assembled four lists on making the most of one’s social networking experience.

Never has there been such ample opportunity to network as now, with so many high-tech social networks rampant on the internet. But it’s become a case of “too much of a good thing”—there’s too many social networks. For that reason, many people avoid them altogether. This is a mistake. There are many benefits to engaging in these websites: besides personal uses like finding old friends, their professional uses are plentiful. It makes it easy to stay connected to seldom-seen business acquaintances, helps develop new business relationships, and makes your presence (as either an individual or an organization) better known publicly.

Entrepreneurs and all businesspeople across North America can and should benefit from connection with others via these online vortexes. They should also avoid the bad ones, and boost their good ones with add-ons and enhancements. We have streamlined all of this into one post now, for your convenience. Network away!

Part 1: The Best Social Networking Websites

First, we observe the staple sites. These are essential components of your networking toolkit.

Part 2: The Worst Social Networking Websites

Then, we observe sites that are popular, but not necessarily ideal for professional networking.

Part 3: Some Downright Awful Social Networking Websites

For a good laugh and perhaps a tear of pity, check out some shameless networking-site-wannabes.

Part 4: Websites That Will Maximise Your Online Social Networking Experience

Finally, we supercharge your social networking expertise with a variety of complementary sites.