The World in 2020: Microsoft Canada President Showcases the Future of Technology [Video]

Microsoft Canada President Eric Gales says that technological change will be more profound in the next ten years to come than the last ten. In a keynote before the Toronto Board of Trade Gales said that there will be many new ways to interact with computers on an everyday basis. Some of those ways include NUI (natural user interface) which is a further proliferation of “touch” technologies like on many of our mobile and tablet devices today. 

Here’s a video that shows what the future could look like in 2020: 

Gales says technology is a crude mistress and that Microsoft has stayed ahead of the game through their biggest tool in benchmarking. He said that technology is a crude mistress and that you really need to benchmark and figure out where you can move forward. 

Few if any technological companies are as diversified as Microsoft which tries to sell something to almost everyone involved with technology but they’ve never lost sight of the fact that innovation is absolutely essential rather than optional. 

Success for Microsoft hasn’t been about being the most creative with the best new ideas though- it’s been more about timing, packaging and marketing the right technological products for the right market. 

That’s been the power of benchmarking. 

Gales further emphasized that point saying that only the paranoid survive in the technology world where you must capture ideas, benchmark and then make it all happen.

Further, he said that cloud computing is one of the best things moving forward for businesses citing a recent Dominos case study where Microsoft Azure allowed for Dominos to process ten times the amount of orders as they did the previous year in switching from internal to external data management systems. 

Gales also credits Microsoft’s huge diversity that wants their employees to be empowered, inspire others while being accountable for their actions. It’s a culture where people work everyday always trying to find new ideas while never giving up which is one of the reasons the company has managed to stay so broadly diversified in the technology world. 

Photo: Canadian Business