The Woz is coming to Ottawa this Wednesday

OCRI, in partnership with INSA and the Ontario Centres for Excellence (OCE), is pleased to present a keynote presentation by Apple Computer co-founder Steve Wozniak on Wednesday, August 19th.

The Silicon Valley icon is one of the most influential and colourful innovators in technology history, and is credited with helping shape the personal computer industry with his Apple designs.  The session will also feature David Flynn, CTO of Fusion-io, the company revolutionizing storage technology after decades of slow evolution.

The luncheon event takes place at the Signed/Sealing Rooms – Brookstreet at 525 Leggett DRive in Kanata OCRI members pay $60 and non-members pay $80. Register online to attend.

No word yet on whether the Woz will be doing his signature worm.