Airbnb Launches #TheAirbnbBus in Toronto to Celebrate Host Community

Airbnb today announced that more Canadians than ever before are opening their homes to the world, with more than 33,000 rental listings across Canada.

Recently Airbnb launched #TheAirbnbBus in Toronto, showcasing what it means to live like a local and belong anywhere. Throughout the month of July, Torontonians and tourists in the area will spot the bus as it stops at iconic Toronto locations as well as locally identified hidden gems. Scheduled events will educate Canadians about Airbnb and engage the community.

In the past year, Airbnb hosts in Canada have hosted more than 627,000 guests from across Canada and around the world. At the same time, Canadians are using Airbnb to explore the world, with more than 935,000 Canadians staying with Airbnb hosts while travelling in the past year.

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Montreal, known internationally for its rich culture and hospitality, is home to a thriving Airbnb community made up of more than 9,000 listings. Vancouver and Toronto, both major tourist and business traveller destinations, have seen listings grow to more than 7,000 and 4,500 respectively.

“Hosting is in the DNA of Canadians,” said Aaron Zifkin, Country Manager for Canada, Airbnb. “As Canadians, we are hospitable people at our core.”