There are Over 200 Competing Tablets. And the iPad Outsells Them All – Combined

When Apple unveiled the original iPad in the spring of 2010, it was the first of its kind in many ways. Sure, tablets have existed before the iPad – in fact, the idea of them has been around since the 1980s (Steve Jobs considered the concept back then, too). But the iPad was the first mass-marketed, consumer-friendly tablet, designed to usher in a “Post-PC World,” as Apple would put it.

It seemed to catch the competition off guard. No one had a competing product ready to launch. And when tablets did start to surface, a year later, the iPad 2 launched, and made all the iPad 2 knockoffs antiquated.

Now, there are more than 220 different tablets on the market, according to ABI Research. And even with over 200 tablets competing against the iPad, it still holds more than 60% of the market, ABI says.

Last quarter, Apple sold a remarkable 15 million iPads, and the new iPad sold an incredible three million units in three days during its opening weekend. No one is coming even close to these numbers. For now.

Apple has to keep innovating. It needs not look far back in history to learn a lesson: when RIM reinvented the smartphone with its BlackBerry over a decade ago, it seemed unstoppable –  but we know what happened when the company sat on its laurels.

Microsoft is planning a Windows 8 tablet this year, which will add yet another brand to the mix. And while Microsoft hasn’t exactly been threatening in the mobile space, it’s just another reason for Apple to push the boundaries of the what the iPad is and can do.

Photo: Digital Trends