There’s finally a way to get paid for tweeting – but it’s not what you’d expect

Everybody would love to get paid for tweeting.

Well, it’s going to become a reality for one profession – but not one you’d expect.

No, I’m not talking about the newly minted “social media manager,” or guru, or expert, or specialist.

I’m talking about mixed martial arts fighters.

Yep – the UFC has decided to launch a compensation plan for fighters with Twitter accounts who utilize the social media platform to gain followers and communicate with their fans. 

Quoth Mashable:

UFC and Strikeforce (another MMA promotion company) have a unique plan on how to do that. Starting June 1, [UFC and Strikeforce] will divide their fighters into four categories based on their Twitter follower count. Then, after every three months, three fighters from each category will get a $5,000 bonus based on how many followers they’ve gained, the biggest percentage of new followers gained and the most creative tweets, judged by UFC head Dana White.

This goes against the common wisdom that athletes shouldn’t tweet because they have a tendency to say things not too PR-friendly. It’s a bold move from a niche-gone-mainstream sport that was born out of innovation. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out and if any other sporting organizations adopt a similar concept.