The 10 Things Canadians Searched for the Most Online This Year

Google tracks pretty much everything (surprise!) and as a result can tell us what Canadians searched for the most this year.

The annual tradition of revealing users’ online habits is done via the software giant’s Zeitgeist report. Here’s the top 10 searches performed in Canada in 2013:

1. Facebook

2. Rob Ford

3. Cory Monteith

4. Paul Walker

5. Tim Bosma

6. Boston marathon

7. Nelson Mandela

8. North Korea

9. Harlem Shake

10. Lac-Mégantic



Among the top “what is” searches, “what is twerking” won out. It was also the most popular “how to” search. “What is BBM” was one of the most popular “what is” searches, suggesting BlackBerry’s release of the instant messaging app for Android and iOS really got people talking.

As for the most searched for person of the year? Who else: Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber.

Photo: Global News