This Startup Poached a C-Suite Executive from EA Canada

Silicon Valley startup Grantoo launched in May. It’s a social gaming platform in which college students play video games to compete for monetary grants that help them pay for their education (pus some goes to charities).

Grantoo hasn’t yet made a splash in Canada. But this week they raised a $1.7 million funding round. And at the same time, they announced a poach.

The startup snagged the (now former) chief technology officer of EA Canada. Alan Price is now Grantoo’s CTO.

Alan told TechCrunch that he joined Grantoo because he felt there “was so much more we could do with games that would improve and help the world around us.” The startup, he says, presents an “opportunity to show that games and play can become a powerful agent for change in our world.”

“Grantoo offers social gaming for good, where together we are working toward solving real-world problems. Both companies and students can actually see the impact of their sponsorship and playing time; our brand sponsors are helping students pay for college and students are donating to a charity they care about,” said Dimitri Sillam, co-founder of Grantoo, back in May.