Thoora makes Eight Canadian Startups at TechCrunch 50

Techvibes had earlier reported that there were seven Candian companies attending TechCrunch50 – well it turns ot there was actually eight.

Toronto’s Thoora joined Vancouver’s StorySomething and Radiusly in the Top 50 (actually 47) and presented on the main stage. Calgary’s Tynt, Montreal’s DokDok and Muutu, Fundrazr, Mingleverse from Vancouver represented from the DemoPit.

Thoora CEO Mike Lee presented on Day two during the News & Media Discovery session and unveiled their new service that makes it easy for people to discover the news attracting the most attention within the blogosphere, Twitter and thousands of traditional media sources.



Thoora was founded by a group of University of Toronto students and currently employ 15. Thoora is in private-beta and available by invitation-only.