Former BlackBerry Head Thorsten Heins Becomes CEO of Wireless Charging Startup Powermat

Powermat Technologies this week announced that its board of directors has named Thorsten Heins as Chief Executive Officer of the company and Chairman of the board.

Heins was previously CEO of BlackBerry before John Chen took over last year. At Powermat, a wireless charging company based in New York, Heins was selected to lead the next phase of growth by a search committee established by company founder and outgoing CEO Ran Poliakine, who will serve as vice chairman of the board.

“Thorsten possesses the rare combination of deep technological and industry expertise with true leadership ability,” said Poliakine. “Powermat is poised at an important juncture in its evolution and Thorsten will lead its expansion to take the wireless charging solutions we created into the mainstream.”

Powermat already has some sizeable customers, including Delta Airlines, General Motors, and Starbucks.

“Powermat’s technology is on the cusp of mainstream adoption,” said Heins. “In the same way that wireless communications untethered people and allowed them to do more on their own terms, wireless power has the potential to free us from the power cords that limit the freedom of mobile technology.”

Heins left BlackBerry one year ago with a large enough severance package to never work again, but it seems he still has some kick left in him.