ThoughtFarmer at Office 2.0

Office 2.0 kicks off in San Francisco on September 5th and a local Vancouver technology consulting firm will have it’s wiki-inspired intranet platform front and centre. OpenRoad’s ThoughtFarmer turns intranet users into intranet editors creating an authoritative information source and an indispensable tool for discussion, collaboration and knowledge sharing. ThoughtFarmer’s UK based client NESTA will be on a panel discussion talking about their experience with ThoughtFarmer as the basis of their Enterprise 2.0 roll-out. Congrats to OpenRoad!

The Office 2.0 Conference is a collective experiment organized every year in San Francisco and aimed at discovering the future of online productivity & collaboration. It is a unique gathering of visionaries, thought leaders, and customers using innovative online services for getting things done at the office, at home, and on the go.

Office 2.0 is home to the best conference perk ever – every attendee get an iPhone.