ThoughtFarmer gets creative with Intranets

Vancouver’s ThoughtFarmer is at it again. A couple of years ago they hit Techvibes with a very creative marketing project dubbed Tubetastic that involving an invented company, a fake intranet and a lot of org charts. It was most definitely successful in getting their name out there.

Well they’re working with the same social media marketing folks this time on – a play on the super-popular PostSecret site. PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard.

In the case of IntranetSecrets, ThoughtFarmer is asking for user submitted secrets about corporate intranets. Of course they have seeded the site with some funny ones and even sent PostSecret-style postcards by snailmail.

If you’ve got a secret about your hated corporate intranet, submit it using this anonymous submission form.