Three Canadian Companies Named in Worldwide List of Top 10 Mobile Game Developers to Watch in 2012

Three Canadian developers were named to Pocketgamer’s list of “Top 10 Mobile Game Developers to Watch in 2012.” That means Canada accounted for 30% of this worldwide list – the most of any country. They were Toronto’s XMG Studio, Montreal’s Gamerizon, and Toronto’s Capybara Games.

“We’re honoured to be a part of this list of rising stars in mobile game development,” Ray Sharma, founder and CEO of XMG, told Techvibes. “We would rather be in the top ten to watch for 2012 than in the rear view mirror as top ten developers 2011. 2012 is a very exciting year for us with back-to-back major launches including a next-level version of our Drag Racer franchise and a Ghostbusters augmented reality game! Stay tuned.”

Pocketgamer said that XMG is “demonstrating fast growth and a willingness to experiment in terms of the games and entertainment it works on.” Meanwhile, Capy Games has “been making brilliant mobile and portable games for years,” according to Pocketgamer, and Gamerizon, best known for its popular iOS series Chop Chop, has a “proven ability” to make great arcade action games an the ambition to develop bigger games for bigger audiences.