Three Canadian Crowdfunding Campaigns Worth Watching



It’s that time of the week when we look at what creative ideas Canadians are raising money to support.


This Is Your Out

If you’ve ever been on an awkward date or in an uncomfortable situation where you need an out, there’s finally a product to help. Less complicated than traditional methods for bailing with a solid excuse, a keychain-sized device called TIYO is your new saviour. With the push of a button, a call with legitimate caller ID displayed will come to your phone. When you answer, a script of your choice will prompt you to give appropriate responses to complete the ruse.


This interesting product promises to offer disposable phone numbers and email addresses that can be easily disposed to protect user privacy. You can sort and label your secondary phone numbers based on function (job search, dating, etc.). Personal info is encrypted through SSL every step of the way to ensure security. The company also promises a transparent pricing model, so there are no nasty surprises on your bill.


A Kelowna-based crowdfunding project is taking a different approach to language learning software. Lingotronic’s web service allows users to customize, or even randomize what they study in their new language acquisition. The level of control is impressive, even if the currently available languages are lacking (Spanish, German and French).

First River Turbine

Montreal company, Idénergie is trying to provide power to remote communities around the world with their efficient and powerful river turbine. The device is made of two aluminum Darrieus turbines for easy production, installation and replacement. It can be assembled with just a few allen keys and installed by as few as two people. Support this campaign and empower those without electricity.


 It’s that time of the week when we look at what creative ideas Canadians are raising money to support.

Check out these Canadian crowdfunding picks-of-the-week:

J.A.E.S.A. Next Generation Artificial Intelligence

Though J.A.E.S.A.’s voice isn’t quite as seductive as Scarlett Johansson’s, we might have to admit we’re a few years away from our AIs reaching enlightenment. But with enough funding, Ainova Robotics would like to take us one step closer with this clever desktop or mobile companion. She’s not just a conversationalist – J.A.E.S.A. can control your smart home systems and security. Step aside Siri, J.A.E.S.A. is customizable and learns over time, leading to a deeper connection with the user.


These little devices use Bluetooth low energy (BLE) signals to measure and control just about anything. With no programming skills, you can use the information gathered from the devices to trigger an action from software, or other items. The McModules are equipped with accelerometers and temperature sensors and can run for years on a coin cell battery. Donate over $79 to get an early kit and change your McLIfe.


Vancouver-based Kerberos Productions team members have long loved the giant monster movie genre. One dark and stormy evening in the depths of their own lab of mad game developers, a new light-hearted action-strategy game was born. Players control massive creatures bent on demolishing cities throughout the world, vying for nothing short of world domination. The creative perks on offer for a donation foreshadow cult status.


It turns out that many electric vehicle (EV) owners are data-lovers. Their daily commute depends on numbers like miles/kWh and real-world range. MyCarma has developed an app and device to track all of these numbers and share them with the growing community of EV adopters, and non-EV drivers alike. Many of the perks are already sold out, so donate before it’s too late.



It’s that time of the week when we look at what creative ideas Canadians are raising money to support.

Check out these Canadian crowdfunding picks-of-the-week:


LEO Smart Fitness Device

With the popularity of fitness devices tracking heart rate, distances moved, sleeping patterns and other personal data, adopters can be left wondering what to do with the heaps of information. LEO is a response to that need. GestureLogic is upping the ante for the personal tracking gadget market, reading users’ lactic acid levels and hydration. And then it gives real, actionable suggestions on how to correct, or even prevent, problems and injuries.

Wallet One

“One wallet to rule them all” is the powerful slogan for this product that holds your cash and cards while recharging your phone. Built from the best leather, this stylish accessory is about the size of your phone, and will power it four times over from a single charge. It’s compatible with any USB-charging device.

Compact Folding Bow Saw

Technology has been improving our enjoyment of the outdoors since we started exploring for pleasure’s sake. Though the flashiest GPS watches and ultra-fabrics usually compete for the spotlight, sometimes the simple, clever redesign of old tools deserves our attention. The Boreal21 saw is extremely compact and easy to unfold. It can be used in outdoor adventures, or even in the bear-free setting of your own backyard.


Beer and music have always gone well together, but now you can pour your beverage into your music. This large, BPA-free mug holds liquids and can Bluetooth sync with music devices to play tunes while you imbibe. Play a mix, while you mix.



With each new campaign, Crowdfunding in Canada is gaining momentum. Small tech businesses and DIYers are increasingly finding resources to back their visions with the fundraising model.

Check out these Canadian crowdfunding picks-of-the-week:

Discov3ry Extruder

Structur3D Printing wants to expand 3D printing horizons with a universal paste extruder. With the extruder printers can make objects with a much wider range of materials, from silicone to ceramics. But the real prize is in the perks: a contribution of $50 or more will get you a Facebook Profile Picture of yourself, 3D printed in Nutella.


Vancouver’s Pandoo TEK is raising funds to help develop a free, entirely cloud-based operating system. The product promises to turn any device with internet access and a web browser into your own personal computer. Access to the Beta version is granted for a donation of $150 or more.

Deep City 2030

A quirky tablet strategy game set in the future, Deep City 2030 is described as, “a mashup of An Inconvenient Truth, systems thinking, urbanism and resilience” by its creators in Toronto. Players inherit a post-apocalyptic earth and must try to build a livable city while fending off such disasters as the attacking giant “Lazer Cat”. Larger pledge amounts buy the donator contribution status, allowing them to design a character or even become a game advisor.