Three Sessions You Won’t Want to Miss at the GROW Conference

Grow is never short on good content.

In fact, there’s too much to see for most people, especially when there’s so much quality networking to be had outside the session halls. For your convenience, we highlight three sessions you should make sure to attend on Thursday, however busy you may be.

1. The Startup Smackdown (10:30 to 11am)

At Grow, even the coffee breaks are action-packed. The startup smackdown will see select startups pitch for one minute and then be judged by a panel of venture capitalists and members of the media including Robert Scoble, Kelly Clay, and our own Rob Lewis.

2. How the Internet of Things Changes Everything (1:55 to 2:25pm)

The IoT is here: everyday devices talking to one another from connected devices to wearables. Soon we’ll have houses that sense when you’re gone and power down to tracking your data while you sleep. Jef Holove, CEO, Basis; Alex Hawkinson, Founder, SmartThings; and Kevin Talbot, Managing Partner, Relay Ventures will team up to teach you how IoT is driving the future of business.

3. The Future of Money: From Virtual Banking to the Bitcoin Craze (2:30 to 3pm)

Join Doug MacMillian from Bloomberg News as he talks with the founder of Opencoin, one of the hottest companies around the Bitcoin craze and the founder of Simple, the first virtual online bank.

Check out the event’s full schedule here. And don’t forget to follow Techvibes for comprehensive Grow coverage all week.