Thriving Through the Downturn: Eleven Strategies That Will Make Your Company Boom

Every day we hear doom and gloom in the markets and the media. “The sky is falling” appears to be the refrain repeated around the world. Entrepreneurs, business owners, and their senior executive teams could easily succumb to the fear factor generated by all this coverage of market changes.

Market corrections can be a superb time for companies to take advantage of incredible opportunities to not just thrive, but to grow and succeed beyond their wildest dreams. I surveyed over two hundred entrepreneurs with experience in downturns to discover the best ways to manage through the current business cycle. In the upcoming series of blog posts, I will provide eleven strategies that you can use today to make your company successful, not despite the current market conditions, but because of them.

I may not have all the answers, but in the upcoming posts I have tried to ask the right questions. The eleven business strategies we focus on are:

  1. Business Cycles
  2. Leadership
  3. Strategy and Focus
  4. Cash Is King
  5. Business Model
  6. Communications
  7. Human Capital
  8. Marketing
  9. Customers
  10. Layoffs
  11. Product Innovation

I will be publishing one strategy per day for the next eleven days.