Throwww, the Simplest Blogging Platform, Wants to Change How People Express Themselves Online

One Toronto startup believes that blogging platforms have become too bloated. So the company created one free of plugins, widgets, and themes.

Throwww describes itself as “the simplest blogging platform”—the online equivalent to picking up a piece of paper and just writing. Saeid Fard, the founder of Throwww, is convinced that this has the potential to transform how people express themselves on the internet.

“People are using it in ways I didn’t expect,” the entrepreneur explaines. “Some use it as a resume, others to share images like people do on tumblr. I’ve even seen anonymous anti-regime messages from Egypt.”

“What I am really beginning to see is that Throwww is filling a gap in the blogging world,” Fard continues. “Many of our users already have existing blogs, but they are curated around a certain personal brand whether it be fashion, coding, or design. These bloggers are using Throwww as a place to simply share off-the-cuff ideas with their Twitter followers without having to worry about how it ‘fits’ into the theme of their blogs.”

Signing up is incredibly simple: just log in via Twitter. Or you can publish posts anonymously, making the site remarkably accessible.

For those looking to scope out others’ work, there is a discovery page. But otherwise, there isn’t much else going on. After all, that’s the beauty of simplicity, right?