Tim Jackson On Entrepreneurship During Economic Downturns

   The Globe and Mail’s Report On Business has a great interview with Waterloo based VC Tim Jackson. His firm, Tech Capital Partners has provided funding to 15 active Canadian start ups. Mr. Jackson was formerly the chief financial officer of PixStream where he negotiated the $550 million dollar sale of the company to Cisco Systems.

    The interview discuses Canada’s risk adverse culture, the lack of venture capital, alternative ways to fund your start up, and reasons why now is the perfect time to start a business. Jackson argues that the current economic downturn is a perfect time to start a business. Large companies are scaling back their R&D, and when the economy recover customers are going to want next generation products which will have to be purchased from smaller start ups.

    He also discusses the risk adverse attitude of this country when it comes to new businesses. The learning process that comes with failure is often overlooked in our society. Many of the start ups that request venture capital from Tech Capital Partners do not require VC funding to get off the ground. Many start ups he has seen can be easily funded by bootstrapping or finding an Angel Investor.

   There is a lot of great advice and motivation packed into a short interview. There are opportunities out there for entrepreneurs willing to take some risks while larger companies cut back.