Time is Ticking and It’s Time For Climate Change

Vancouver’s one-and-only Darren Barefoot and his company, alongside six other Vancouver tech companies are working on a climate change campaign like no other.  Seriously.  It’s called TckTckTck, and the project or campaign is a build-up to the December 7th meeting of world leaders in Copenhagen to negotiate a sequel to the Kyoto Agreement.  (Ratification is going to be another story.)  The purpose of @tcktcktck, in short, is to put pressure on world leaders to agree on a “fair, binding and ambitious deal” towards climate change.

Making this all happen is an unprecedented coalition of global NGOs like Greenpeace, Oxfam, WWF and Amnesty International to name a few. The following Vancouver companies are involved:

  •    Biro Creative
  •    Capulet Communications
  •    Advomatic
  •    Nitobi
  •    Saltmine Software
  •    Hoggan and Associates
  •    Communicopia

What’s next?  On Monday, September 21st, it’s the Global Wake Up Call for climate change. It’s going to be flash mobtastic.
Why? The world is sleepwalking into a crisis of epic and historical proportions. On September 21st, TckTckTck partners along with thousands of individuals will sound the Global Wake Up Call in cities, towns and villages around the world. We need to wake up world leaders to the crisis of climate change by making noise and ringing bells and showing them that the world is ready for a bold climate deal.

What? There will be (at last count) 1800 events around the world in 112 countries.  That page has a map which shows that there’s currently 20 events planned for the Lower Mainland. Here are the details for one at the Art Gallery.