Time’s up Facebook, are you privacy compliant yet?

Last month, uber social networking site Facebook was found by Canada’s privacy commissioner to be in violation of the country’s privacy laws and the Palo Alto, California company was given 30 days to comply or be taken to court.

Well, those 30 days are up.

Privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart now has two weeks to review whether any changes made at Facebook are compliant with Canadian privacy law and whether or not to take them to Federal court.

In a report released last month, the privacy commission found Facebook in violation of Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act by making it difficult for users to delete their accounts and by keeping photos and information after users have requested their accounts be removed.

There was also concern about to information being shared with third-party application developers on the Facebook platform, specifically whether or not too many personal details were being given to the creators of simple quizzes that were not necessary for the application to run.