Tired of Restaurant and Spa Discounts? Toronto’s Dealfind Launches ‘Product Deals’

If you’re tired of seeing nothing but restaurant and spa discounts with the occassional teeth whitening deal, Toronto-based startup Dealfind may have a solution with its latest offering. Separate of its original group buying deals, which focus on experiences rather than actual products most of the time, Dealfind has launched “Product Deals,” an aptly named new section that will offer deals on products, such as electronics, clothing, and cosmetics.

“We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response to the product deals we’ve featured so far, so we want to give our customers more of what they love and want,” said Dealfind Co-Founder and President Gary Lipovetsky. “Our new ‘Product Deals’ section provides a platform to do so and we expect these upcoming offers to be a hit with Dealfind customers. While we have previously featured various products on our site, this separate tab allows us to expand our offerings and present all of our featured deals to customers in a clear and intuitive way. We will be providing a broader variety of great deals – there will be something for everyone.”

New products will be launched “on a weekly basis” and available “to all U.S. and Canadian customers, regardless of location,” according to the company, which is the third-ranked group buying website on the North American Daily Deal Media Power Rankings. And Dealfind says that it is “committed to hand-picking a limited number of only the most reputable retailers” to partner with. So far, the startup says it has saved customers nearly $500 million since 2010.