Today’s Internet Slowdown Day Gets Canadian Support

Canadian digital rights group has joined Netflix, reddit, Vimeo, and a huge international coalition to support Internet Slowdown Day today.

Dozens of major sites have agreed to show their users a perpetual ‘loading’ icon, to symbolize how the loss of net neutrality rules could slow many favourite websites to a crawl.

To support the day of action is hosting an action platform at and encouraging Canadian websites to embed the web action widget found here.

The move comes against the backdrop of a crucial U.S. FCC hearing which could decide the future of net neutrality in the U.S. Large telecom conglomerates are pushing the FCC to do away with net neutrality. A move that would have major implications for Canadians and others around the world.

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“Our small team has been inspired to see so many Internet users from right across the planet speak out to defend net neutrality,” says Executive Director Steve Anderson.

“Now we’re planning to take the next step, and join with reddit, Netflix, and dozens of top websites to support Internet Slowdown Day. If the large telecom conglomerates get their way, people’s favourite websites could slow to a crawl, and the Internet could end up looking a lot more like cable TV. That’s why it’s so important to sound a loud global call that decision-makers won’t be able to ignore.”