Toon Boom Partners with iStockphoto

Montreal’s Toon Boom Animation announced yesterday that is has partnered with Calgary-born iStockphoto to offer Toon Boom users access to free images as well as a special discount to buy credits.

“Partnering with iStock testifies to Toon Boom’s dedication to further facilitate the creative process of our users, as well as widen the horizon of possibilities if they want to combine different techniques,” said Joan Vogelesang, President and Chief Executive Officer at Toon Boom.

Toon Boom Animation is a leader in animation software solutions. Toon Boom carries user-friendly animation applications for all and develops new geographies to make the animation community as global as can be. In that market segment, Toon Boom caters to the needs of children, home users, creative professionals as well as students, educators and schools. Toon Boom’s client base ranges from major studios creating Hollywood blockbuster animated films to individual animators
creating their first masterpieces.

iStockphoto is the world’s leading royalty-free stock destination, with an image downloaded every 1.3 seconds. iStock pioneered the micropayment phenomenon in this industry, enabling buyers to license images for as little as a dollar. iStockphoto is headquartered in Calgary and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Getty Images.