Top 10 Blog Posts for January 2011

January flew by and thanks to the Usage Based Billing fiasco a number of CRTC related posts pulled in some serious traffic.

  1. How usage based billing will affect you – Kole Mcrae
  2. Why you should buy shares in Research in Motion right now – Knowlton Thomas
  3. Shaw’s enforcement of hard limits on residential Internet usage an insult to their customers – Liam Britten
  4. Petition to stop usage-based billing reaches almost 190,000 signatures – Liam Britten
  5. Digital Media People to Watch in BC in 2011 – Rob Lewis
  6. Digital Media People to Watch in Ontario in 2011 – Rob Lewis
  7. This will test staff loyalty: Bell Canada employees win $50,000,000 lottery – Knowlton Thomas
  8. CBC is looking for ‘Canada’s Worst Cellphone Bill’ again, but includes one strange and major flaw – Knowlton Thomas
  9. Digital Media People to Watch in Alberta in 2011 – Sarah Blue
  10. The truth about Wi-Fi: An in-depth look at whether Wi-Fi is safe or dangerous – Kole Mcrae

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