Top 10 Blog Posts of August 2010

The usual summer doldrums didn’t hit Techvibes at all this year – July and August traffic numbers blew away last year.

Here are the Top 10 blog posts published on Techvibes during the month of August.

  1. iPhone 4 sold out in Canada
  2. How getting dumped (often) taught me to be a better community manager
  3. PEER 1 Canada Startup Index – August 2010
  4. New Telus ad campaign smelling a lot like Old Spice… but far, far worse
  5. Brian Wong may be world’s youngest entrepreneur to raise venture investment money
  6. Telus says its new fibre optic technology ‘will transform the world’
  7. Lessons in Angel Investing: Don’t be a Dick
  8. Tech-illiterate woman has nude pics exposed by Dell employee
  9. 5 Questions with… Melissa Smich
  10. Adobe says it doesn’t need iPad’s support, and Apple don’t seem to need Flash

Thanks to everyone that wrote for Techvibes in August. Now that it’s back to school (and work) time, let us know if you’d like to contribute a guest blog post in September.