Top 10 Blog Posts of December 2008

Traffic on Techvibes started very strong in December and slowed down as the month progressed and everyone’s holiday plans kicked in.

As usual our Canada Startup Index was the most popular post of the month and promises to continue being a regular contender for top monthly post throughout 2009. Sun Microsystems sponsored the Techvibes Startup Indexes in November, however the indexes went sponsor-less in December and we’re open to offers for January. Look for the new round of indexes to be published on January 5th.

Blog coverage in December was diverse with the economy having a role in a couple of the biggest stories – EA pulled the plug on their showcase Yaletown digs, rumours swirled around VC-backed EQO, and Telus was one of many companies to lay-off employees pre-holidays. On the bright side, Chalk Media was acquired by RIM and Tech legend Dick Hardt joined Microsoft.

The Top 10 blog posts published in December based on pageviews were:

  1. Canada Startup Index – December 2008
  2. EA Drops Plans for Still-In Progress Taletown Studio
  3. b5media shares revenue numbers – how do you compare?
  4. is the anti-Go Daddy
  5. 10 Canadian New Media Companies to Watch
  6. EQO Shutting Down?
  7. Xtreme Labs Speedtest Ranked in Top iPhone Utilities of 2008
  8. Telus Cuts Managers to lower costs
  9. RIM buys Vancouver’s Chalk Media for $23.1 Million
  10. Dick Hardt Joins Microsoft

Stay tuned for our 2008 wrap-up tomorrow where we’ll dig into our Google Analytics account and uncover some trends from last year.