Top 10 Blog Posts of June 2009

For those of you out there that love stats and monitoring trends, here are the Top 10 blog posts published on Techvibes during June based on pageviews.

  1. 5 Things I learnt from Year One in my Startup by Amielle Lake
  2. Does It Matter If The Future Isn’t Available In Canada? by Brendon Wilson
  3. PEER 1 Canada Startup Index – June 2009
  4. The Angel Investor Blog List by Basil Peters
  5. iPhone 3G Available in Canada for $99 from June 19th by Varun Mathur
  6. How to give a great on-camera interview about your company by Sarah Blue
  7. How to be a great Community Manager in five easy steps by Sarah Blue
  8. How Hacker Investors could save the Media by Duncan Kinney
  9. Kris Krug’s all seeing eye on the Internet by Warren Frey
  10. Liquidity for Angels, Family & Friends? Maybe. by Brent Holliday

As you can see, the popluar posts were spread across a variety of contributors but Amielle Lake’s post stole the show with over 5,000 pageviews helping Techvibes record is highest traffic month ever.

Thanks to everyone. If you’re interested in seeing how you would fare against this all-star team of contributors, send me a note and become a guest contibutor.