Montreal’s FlightHub Unveils Top 10 Holiday Destinations

FlightHub, an online travel agency based in Montreal, has put together its top 10 destinations for the holiday travel season.

We asked that FlightHub review these numbers and see if there are any unique travel trends for the upcoming holiday season.

After getting a look at the numbers ourselves, we saw some unique travel choices. But first, here are the top 10 travel destinations.

FlightHub’s Top 10 Holiday Destinations

  1. London, UK – 7.50 per cent of bookings
  2. Manilla, Philippines – 5.56 per cent of bookings
  3. Bangkok. Thailand – 4.14 per cent of bookings
  4. Paris, France – 3.38 per cent of bookings
  5. Mumbai, India – 2.89 per cent of bookings
  6. Delhi, India – 2.79 per cent of bookings
  7. Toyko, Japan – 2.77 per cent of bookings
  8. Fort Lauderdale. Florida, US – 2.75 per cent of bookings
  9. Los Angeles, California, US – 2.55 per cent of bookings
  10. New York, New York, US – 2.41 per cent of bookings

Holiday travel constitutes both adventure travel and family travel; this explains why destinations like New York and Los Angeles are always popular as they appeal to both forms of travel around the holiday season.

Meanwhile, India is considered to be one of the fastest growing tourism markets in the world, with an average annual growth rate of 7.9 per cent expected until 2023. What is no surprise is London, which routinely ranks as the top travel destination year-to-year.

Beyond the day to day travel business, FlightHub is on the verge of launching a new mobile app, complimenting their existing services. They are a product of Montreal’s Momentum Ventures, a company fronted by CEO Matt Keezer.

Keezer believes that this strong travel season bodes well for 2016, noting that “FlightHub is getting off to a good start and will be hitting 2016 in full stride.”

“Introducing our new app and improving customer service are our key priorities for next year,” he added.

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