Top 10 Twitter Referrers for April 2009

Twitter continues to be our good friend and thanks to Google Analytics we can drill down into the Twitter stats and look at who is sending eyeballs our way. Here are the Top 10 Twitterati sending traffic our way for April 2009:

  1. jacquimurphy – Jacqui Murphy of Waterloo’s Tech Capital Partners
  2. yycblogs – An aggregator of blog posts by Calgary’s finest bloggers 
  3. teampages – Vancouver Startup
  4. homestars – Toronto startup
  5. mastermaq – Edmonton’s #1 Twitterer – more popular than the Oilers
  6. tinymassive – Kate Hiscox, Founder of Vancouver’s
  7. kurtgooden – Toronto Technologist working on a stealth project
  8. meetrajesh4th year nanotech engineer undergrad at the University of Waterloo.
  9. megancole – Vancouver’s social media maven Megan Cole
  10. adriancrook – Adrian Crook, videogame consultant

Do yourself a favor and follow these people on Twitter – they clearly re-tweet some great content.