Top 10 Twitter Referrers for February 2009

As blogged last month, we’ve noticed that Twitter has been working its way up the list of referring sites when looking at traffic sources – it’s #1 (excluding search engines) according to our stats.

Thanks to Google Analytics we can drill down into the Twitter stats and look at the specific referrers. So, here are the Top 10 folks on Twitter sending traffic our way for February 2009:

  1. lyal– Lyal Avery of Outcome3
  2. opera – The folks behind the Opera Browser
  3. markbusse – Design Director at Industrial Brand
  4. mastermaq – Our Edmonton Community Manager
  5. northernvoice – Canada’s Blogging & Social Media Conference
  6. amiellel – Co-Founder of Tagga Media and Part-time Techvibes Contributor
  7. christopherbenn – PR Guru Christopher Bennett
  8. engagejoe – Social Media Rockstar Joe Solomon
  9. thattallguy – Giant Ann Media’s Jess Sloss
  10. mobify – HandiMobility’s mobile transcoding service

Jess Sloss (thattallguy) was the only Twitter referrer to have a repeat appearance on the list after making the inaugural list last month. I feel a retweet contest coming on soon.