Top 15 Blog Posts for September 2010

This month we’ve made a change to the Top Blog Posts of the Month list. Rather than restrict the list to blog posts written only in September (which penalizes blog posts written near the end of the month), we’re including blog posts written anytime in the last 3-month period.

Here are the most popular posts written in July, August, and September based on pageviews in September 2010:

  1. Gang rape at rave in Vancouver brings out the dark side of social media and internet chatter
  2. 5 hilariously unforgettable solutions for the Apple iPhone 4’s reception issues
  3. iPhone 4 sold out in Canada
  4. Rogers announces prices for Blackberry Torch in Canada; Toshiba recalls multiple laptops
  5. Chatter is abound over Rogers’ new Chatr Wireless
  6. RIM’s PlayBook isn’t an iPad killer, like a BMW isn’t a Kia killer. The PlayBook: A league of its own
  7. Make free phone calls in Canada and the U.S. using Gmail
  8. TELUS’ new Facebook app supporting breast cancer detection
  9. Netflix shuts down John Street in Toronto in prep for Canada launch tomorrow
  10. Twitter got hacked: The official details of revealed by Twitter Safety
  11. iPhone 4 Canada Update: Not a Rogers customer? Camp out somewhere else
  12. Apple TV, Netflix, pornography and you
  13. 7 reasons why Apple’s greatest rival is now Google – and why Apple had better watch its back
  14. Telus says its new fibre optic technology ‘will transform the world’
  15. StartUp Weekend Toronto Builds 13 Startups in Less than 3 Days