Top Blog Posts of 2008

2008 was a stellar year for Techvibes. We relaunched the new Techvibes site in August to plenty of fanfare and our site traffic has been growing ever since. Fuelling the traffic has been some great blog content from our contributors across the Techvibes city network. So, what was popular on Techvibes in 2008 – here’s are the 20 most popular blog posts based on pageviews (excluding our Startup Indexes blog posts):

  1. Canada’s Do Not Call Registry Starts Today – Greg Andrews, Sep. 30th
  2. The Gaming Industry in Vancouver – Rob Lewis, Feb. 1st
  3. Talking A Lot with Rogers Talkspot – Jonathon Narvey, Aug. 15th
  4. BC’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies – Rob Lewis, Sep. 3rd
  5. Fiver Media (aka Bodog & Riptown) cut 174 employees – Rob Lewis, Sep. 19th
  6. New Ownership announced at Marqui – Rob Lewis, Aug. 18th
  7. Baines Impounds Photo Violation Technologies – Rob Lewis, Oct. 20th
  8. Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em – Kevin Curry, Sep. 4th
  9. McDonald’s Fuels Fairies and Dragons – Rob Lewis, Mar. 8th
  10. to Acquire AbeBooks – Rob Lewis, Aug. 1st
  11. Intuit Canada Moves Head Office from Edmonton to Mississauga – Stephen King, Mar. 11th
  12. Sanyo Canada reinvents the square wheel with pointless Internet Radio – Warren Frey, Oct. 27th
  13. Canada’s National Do-Not-Call List is Live – Varun Mathur, Oct. 1st
  14. Globalive Pledges to Launch Canadian Cellular Service in Mid-2009 – Greg Andrews, Sep. 5th
  15. Ottawa Startup Gazaro Brings the Babes at TechCrunch50 – Greg Andrews, Sep. 11th
  16. Air Sharing Brings Missing File Storage Functionality to iPhone – Greg Andrews, Sep. 16th
  17. Gravity Factor takes on Marqui – Rob Lewis, Jul. 23rd
  18. CanWest to buy NowPublic? – Rob Lewis, Nov. 14th
  19. Vancouver Tech Executives see Mumabi Massacre firsthand – Rob Lewis, Nov. 27th
  20. Edmonton’s Free WiFi Project provides free Internet access at the Fringe Festival – Mack Male, Aug. 14th

Does anyone has a favorite Techvibes post  for 2008? I know what mine was – feel free to comment with yours.