Top 50 Canadiana Search Terms (According to Something Called Bing)

We’re not sure who uses Bing or why, but the Microsoft-made search engine has released a list of top “Canadiana” search terms ahead of Canada Day on July 1.

Almsot depressingly, the number one search term on the list is “Canadian Tire,” followed equally depressingly by “Air Canada.” All the Canadian NHL teams make the list handily, of course, as well as some of our celebrity staples: Rob Ford, Justin Bieber, Drake, and Wayne Gretzky’s frequently scandalous daughter, Paulina (also: Avril Lavigne—what?).

We wonder whether Bing is an accurate reflection of Canadians or whether this list is a reflection of the strange, non-Googling demographic that finds itself using Bing. We hope, with all due respect to Microsoft, that it’s the latter.


Infographic: Bing