Top Five Benefits of Collaborative Workspaces for Small Businesses in Canada

Businesses agree that collaborative workspaces are good value, breed efficiency, and inspire innovation and entrepreneurial activity.

Thus more and more businesses globally are choosing collaborative work environments to provide their staff with top-class locations in a more cost effective and flexible way.

A recent Regus survey analyzing 22,000 respondents in more than 100 countries confirms that 89% of firms think that collaborative workplaces are better value for money.

Regus asked Canadian businesses under 50 employees about the benefits of collaborative working and found almost unanimously that:

  • 97% collaborative working provides better value for money;
  • 95% reduce maintenance and cleaning costs;
  • 88% provide introductions to potential clients;
  • 88% allow them to rapidly expand and contract without hefty penalties;
  • 85% provide introductions to potential partners.

But the benefits of collaborative workplaces for Canadian small businesses do not stop here: co-locating businesses share costs, but also industry knowledge and ideas making this the ideal breeding ground for innovation (77%) and entrepreneurial spirit (80%), all key features for growing businesses in Canada.

“We are not surprised to find that almost all small business owners in Canada say collaborative working provides better value for their money. Workers globally agree that collaborative work environments are an optimal solution to help businesses save money and reduce risk,” said Craig Townsend, Director of Marketing and Partnerships at Regus. “But cost reduction is not the only factor driving collaborative workplace popularity, collaborative working develops a more innovative and entrepreneurial outlook and lets small business owners be more agile.”

Unlike traditional leasing arrangements, collaborative workplaces are generally more flexible allowing firms to expand and retract as the market demands reducing risks for small businesses.

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