Top Hat Monocle raises money from York Angel Investors

York Angel Investors announced yesterday it has closed a financing round in Waterloo’s Top Hat Monocle.  Top Hat Monocle develops a unique platform for interactive learning in the classroom called monocleCAT.

Maple Leaf Angels also contributed to the investment process in collaborating with York Angel Investors in the due diligence phase preceding the investment in Top Hat Monocle.

Following extensive market research and product development, Top Hat Monocle is preparing for a full production release of monocleCAT, a unique platform for interactive learning in the classroom.

The inspiration behind monocleCAT was the realization that mobile devices, such as smartphones, (including Blackberry, iPhone, and Google Android), tablet devices (like the new iPad, and netbooks) have become increasingly more powerful, more affordable and in wide enough use, that it made sense to allow educators to take advantage of their capabilities and power in the classroom.

The early prototypes of monocleCAT have been extremely well received by instructors and students. After a period of refinement and testing, the system was first launched widely in September 2010.