The Top 5 Techvibes Perform Articles of 2012

Last year, we introduced Techvibes Perform, a content vertical dedicated to career advancement and industry insight powered by the Techvibes Job Board. Here we highlight 2012’s five most popular Perform articles.

1. What Canadians Hate the Most at Work

Turns out an annoying boss isn’t the most annoying thing at work. (It’s something that’s actually supposed to make our work easier.)

2. Why You Hate Your Office and What Can be Done About It

The office was once considered necessary for work and essential to maximizing productivity. Alas, times have changed.

3. The 10 Most Common Mistakes Made During Job Interviews

Job interviews are an exceptionally crucial component of the career game. Readers appreciated this insight into acing their next interview.

4. What Type of Leadership Will Take Canada to the Next Level

W. Brett Wilson commands a lot of respect in Canada. So when he discussed how a new wave of leadership could advance our nation, people listened.

5. Employees Want to Work Remotely—but Can They be as Productive?

Related to number two, this article addresses the battle between working in the office and working remotely. Most employees want one, while most employers prefer the other.

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