Toronto at South by Southwest Interactive – Part 4

Have you ever wondered what goes on at South by Southwest Interactive in Austin, Texas?  Have you ever asked yourself if this is the type of event you should be attending?  Ask no more.  We asked 5 members of the Toronto community who attended SXSW earlier this month.  All week long we will be featuring an individual who

attended the interactive festival, to get their thoughts. 

So far we have spoken to Erin Bury and Melissa Smich and Saul Colt.

Today we speak with Dave Fleet of  Thornley Fallis Communications.  

Why was it important for you personally to go to SXSWi?

While the learning opportunities for me were exciting, the networking side was even bigger. I had the opportunity to put faces to the names of people I’d seen as avatars and blog commenters for years, and to meet a whole bunch of new people on top of that, which was great. 

Why was it important for Thornley Fallis to have a presence at SXSWi?

For us, SXSW has multiple benefits:

1. Get the chance to meet and catch-up with US influencers who we don’t usually see up in Canada
2. Learn from some of the smartest people in our community  


How did you expose Thornley Fallis to the SXSWi community while you were in Austin?

We did our best to be wherever other people were. Whether it was one-on-one breakfasts with people, hanging out in the blogger lounge, or talking with people at the after-parties, we were constantly connecting with new people. Our staff also participated in three presentations during the conference. 

What was something new that you learned during your time in Austin that will help you?

You can sit and let one person talk at you for an hour, or you can stand in the hallways, meet 5-10 people and learn from them all. 

Was there any new developments or companies that you were exposed to that caught your eye?

Nothing new stood out. SXSW this year was all about location-based services. Foursquare and Gowalla were everywhere, as was Whrrl. The volume of people using these tools in Austin showed the real potential behind them. 

Who was the one person you met at SXSWi that really left an impression with you and why?

It’s almost impossible to narrow it down to one person. If I had to, I’d say Amber Naslund. She always impresses me, and continued to do so at SXSW. She’s one of the sharpest people I know and an absolute delight to spend time with.  

Why should a company, brand or an individual attend SXSWi next year?

If you’re in the tech space, the opportunities for networking at SXSW are unparalleled. You get to spend time with the smartest people around, talking about the latest trends and learning from the best case studies.